//Weekly Roundup: 7 Great Stories You Missed This Week

Weekly Roundup: 7 Great Stories You Missed This Week

With life’s busy schedule, it’s hard for most of us to dig through all the information thrown our way. Each week we scour the media universe to find the most interesting and helpful articles so you don’t have to. Take a look at what we’re reading this week.

What happens if you don’t file taxes?

Think you don’t make enough money to file your taxes? Think again. This author kept that belief for two years before the IRS came knocking. Find out what happens if you don’t file, and why you should file even if you don’t make a lot of money. (Centsai)

The best career advice you’ve ever received

There are hundreds of places to seek advice for every stage of your career. This author crowdsourced advice from readers all over to find the most effective, realistic and helpful career advice. Whether you’re trying to get your first job or trying to get a promotion, you’ll want to check it out. (Lifehacker)

This woman upended her career to follow Marie Kondo’s tidying methods 

Marie Kondo’s Netflix show has captured the attention of millions, just as her book did a few years back. If you’ve recently been inspired to find which items in your life spark joy, you’ll want to read about this woman who makes thousands of dollars helping others do the same. (Time Money)

The shutdown is costing billions and screwing the middle class

Though the longest government shutdown in American history may be coming to an end the damage will have lasting effects. While the most directly impacted government employees continue to face the struggles of working without pay, the country, on the whole, is also taking a major hit. (Vice)

Give your TV a Super Bowl tuneup

The New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams are gearing up for the biggest football game of the year on Feb. 3. If you plan to host a Super Bowl party or just enjoy a good view on your TV, check out these tips for making your TV display the best quality picture it can. (Consumer Reports)

Best types of investments for the short, intermediate and long term

Making money through investing is typically a great idea because it requires fairly little effort and can have bountiful returns. But there are different ways to invest in order to see different outcomes. Check out this guide to getting the right investments for your goals. (The Balance)

You may not have as many connections on LinkedIn as you’d like, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have plenty of professional connections at your fingertips. Before you head out into the job hunt on your own, find out how to use your professional network to your advantage! (Brit + Co)

Interested in refinancing student loans?

Here are the top 6 lenders of 2019!

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