//Balakot air strike: Will Pakistan retaliate? Heres whats going on in Islamabad

Balakot air strike: Will Pakistan retaliate? Heres whats going on in Islamabad

BusinessToday.In        Last Updated: February 26, 2019  | 18:25 IST

After Indian Air Force struck terror camps in Pakistan, all eyes are on the Pakistani establishment and the military if they are going to retaliate. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan held an emergency meeting earlier today with his ministers and defence officials to discuss the options ahead.

The Pakistan Prime Minister’s Office has said that the country must prepare for “all eventualities”. Pakistan has dismissed India’s claims that there were mass casualties of terrorists in Balakot, but said it would respond to India’s provocation.

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Here are all the developments that took place in Islamabad today:-

  • Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi earlier this morning called an ’emergency meeting’ at Islamabad’s foreign office to deliberate over the current situation. The meeting was held to discuss the security situation in Pakistan and was attended by former secretaries and senior ambassadors.
  • Qureshi in a statement warned India of any misadventure against Pakistan and said that better sense should prevail in India.

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  • Prime Minister Imran Khan convened another emergency meet with the National Security Committee (NSC) attended by Qureshi, Finance Minister Asad Umar and Defence Minister Pervez Khattak along with top officials in his ministry to review the situation.
  • The Foreign minister held a press conference after the ’emergency meet’ with PM Khan and outlined the Pakistani government’s response and the future course of action following the IAF strike. Reacting strongly to the Indian offensive, Qureshi said, “the committee strongly rejected Indian claim of targeting an alleged terrorist camp near Balakot as well as the claim of heavy casualties.” He added: “Once again Indian government has resorted to a self-serving, reckless and fictitious claim.”

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  • The NSC statement said, “The claimed area of strike is open for the world to see the facts on ground. For this domestic and international media is being taken to the impact site. Forum concluded that the India has committed uncalled for aggression to which Pakistan shall respond at the time and place of its choosing.”
  • Pakistan hopes to build global diplomatic pressure on India. The statement said Pakistan intends to “to engage with global leadership to expose irresponsible Indian policy in the region.”
  • Foreign Minister Qureshi also announced that a three-member committee has been formed which includes him, the finance minister and defence minister of Pakistan to approach the parliament to apprise Pakistani people of the evolving situation.

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  • He stated that Pakistani helicopters are ready to take the local and international media to the site of the Indian violation to “expose Indian propaganda.”
  • Pakistan will also raise the issue at the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation. “At the request of Pakistan, there is an OIC (Organisation of Islamic Cooperation) conflict group emergency meeting underway, and Tehmina Janjua is representing Pakistan there. We will present Pakistan’s point of at that forum,” the statement said.
  • Prime Minister Imran Khan has also discussed the situation with UAE Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan as well as Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman over telephone.
  • Sherry Rehman, a leading opposition leader of the Pakistan People’s Party said that “Indian incursion” across the LOC is strategically ‘ill-advised and tactically pointless.’ “Such moves only ratchet up tensions in a region bristling with anger. Obvious that Modi’s election wardrums make prospects for talks collateral damage. India’s ruling party sees no other way to win the elections hence, itching for war,” Rehman said in a tweet.

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