//GDP to new jobs: The year 2018 in numbers

GDP to new jobs: The year 2018 in numbers

From revised
GDP figures and creation of new
jobs to farmers’ income and incidents of cow-related violence, here is what the numbers from 2018 reveal.

Shift in Allegiance

At the start of 2018, the BJP looked invincible, coming off a year in which it won big in states both expected and unexpected. But 2018 changed everything, and the next Lok Sabha election no longer looks like a done deal for the ruling party.


Cow-linked Crime
The killing of a policeman and a youth in Bulandshahr, UP, in December brought back in focus the rise of cow-related violence since the BJP came to power.



Job Search
Jobs remain India’s biggest challenge and the news is not getting any better.


The Notes Return

The evidence of the real impact of Narendra Modi’s 2016 demonetisation experiment is now beginnng to come in, and it does not look good.





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